Research in the Media

Here are some links to popular media coverage of my research: 

PNAS, "Inner workings: Hunting for microbial life thoughout the solar system",  published November 6, 2018 (International journal)

Cosmos Magazine, “Portable sequencer prepped for Mars life mission”, published January 23, 2018. (International print)

Space “Next Stop, Mars?: Life-Detection Gear Passed test on Earth, published January 23, 2018. (International online)

Astrobiology Magazine, “ New technique for finding lie on Mars”, published Jan 22, 2018 (International online)

Globe and Mail, “Study reveals life’s outer limits in Antarctic valley”, published on January 19, 2016 (National print)

IFLScience. Popular Science news website. "Scientists Invent Pioneering New Method for Finding Life on Mars" January 19, 2019. (International online)

Sciences et Avenir, “Vie sur Mars : mauvaises nouvelles de l'University Valley” published January 20, 2016 (International online).

Bigelow Laboratory, “ Under pressure: Studying Life Below the Seafloor”, published Dec 28, 2017.

CBC Radio interview on Breakaway, aired live January 20, 2016. (Quebec radio)

IFLScience (I Fucking Love Science). Popular Science news website. “Lack Of Bacteria In Antarctica Spells Bad News For Mars” January 22, 2016 (International online)

CBC, “Antarctic permafrost may not be habitable for microbes – so is Mars?”, published January 24, 2016 (National online)

RCI (Radio Canada International) “Único lugar en la Tierra que no tiene vida, igual que en Marte“ published February 15, 2016. (International online).

NASA Astrobiology News featured as a Research Highlight, “Sequencing an Antarctic Extremophile: A cold-loving microbe from the Upper Dry Valleys” February 17, 2016. (International online)

NASA Astrobiology News featured research as a Research Highlight, “Improved Sequence of an Antarctic Organism. April 14, 2016. (International online)

Canadian Space Agency Instagram as a Featured Scientist working on the #CanMars mission (Mars analogue mission in Utah), November 10, 2016. (social media)